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On May 2, real estate developer Ivanhoé Cambridge opened the Premium Outlet Collection Edmonton International Airport (EIA) shopping centre, a new, fully enclosed 39,763-m2 (428,000-sf) mall built to accommodate more than 100 tenants, ranging from fashion retailers to food-service franchises and from jewellery shops to chocolatiers.
5月2日,房地产开发商Ivanhoé Cambridge开设了高档购物中心埃德蒙顿国际机场(EIA)购物中心,这是一个全新的、全封闭的39,763平米(428,000平方英尺)的购物中心,可以容纳100多名租户,从时装零售商到餐饮服务专营店,从珠宝商店到巧克力生产商。
“We’re extremely proud to bring this shopping experience to Edmonton and the surrounding areas,” said Jason Bos, the mall’s general manager (GM). “This centre is expected to become a sought-after shopping destination, drawing local value-seekers, travellers in transit and tourists visiting the province.”
With this objective in mind, Premium Outlet Collection EIA—developed to be serve as Edmonton’s equivalent to Calgary’s Cross Iron Mills—needed larger-than-life signage to capture consumers’ attention. PM Signs, with offices in Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatoon, was hired for the job, which entailed more than 300 signs in total.
考虑到这一目标, EIA奥特莱斯购物中心将被开发为埃德蒙顿的代表物,相当于卡尔加里(加拿大西南部城市)的十字铁厂,需要具有传奇色彩的标识来吸引消费者的注意。 PM公司被雇用来制造购物中心的所有标识,它在埃德蒙顿、卡尔加里和斯卡通都设有办公室,该购物中心总共需要建造300多个标识。

An old-school look for new construction

The team at PM Signs first heard about the project from PCL, the construction company contracted to build the mall, several years ago and provided input before the signage components of the project were tendered. This advice particularly focused on how the tenants’ signs could be attached to the outside of the new building.
“We were subsequently awarded the job in April 2017,” says Cody Mathiesen, vice-president (VP) of sales and marketing for PM Signs. “It included two packages: exterior and interior. We had worked on another mall in downtown Edmonton and this was similar, just at a much bigger scale!”
In fact, Ivanhoé Cambridge was looking to source everything from outdoor pylons to wayfinding signs to washroom decals. It provided a sign layout concept package to PM Signs, which Mathiesen’s team then redrew to scale for manufacturing purposes.
事实上,Ivanhoé Cambridge想要一目了然的标识指引,能从户外的指示牌就可以看到购物中心的导向标识,及商场内的洗手间导向。这种想法为PM公司提供了一个整体的标识布局概念,Mathiesen的团队随后为制造目标而重新设计图纸。
“There were months of planning,” he says. “We went back and forth, submitting colour, size and material samples for approval.”

The opening date was postponed from Oct. 18, 2017, to May 2, 2018.

The developer sought a ‘faux rust’ style, for which PM Signs tested various painting and printing techniques before settling on an orange and brown painted texture effect.
“They had done that style of sign previously, but we were still needed to turn the concept into reality for the mall,” says Mathiesen.
One reason for the artificially aged appearance of the signs was to offset the flashier style of the building with an ‘old-school’ design scheme (though the signs would also be brightly illuminated at night).

Each of the 23 illuminated letters are 1.8-m (6-ft) tall.

Midway through the construction of the mall, which had been eight to 10 years in the planning, PCL left the project after the base build and the rest of the work switched to Ledcor. For PM Signs, this change simply meant communicating and co-ordinating efforts with a different set of contacts, but there were also delays. The mall’s opening date was postponed from Oct. 18, 2017, to May 2, 2018.
“That was a relief, as we were only able to start fabricating the signs in fall 2017,” says Mathiesen. “Co-ordination was a big deal, but everything went smoothly. The installation of the signs came during crunch time, when communications with Ivanhoé and Ledcor sped up dramatically. In that sense, I would say the second half of the project went even more smoothly than the first.”
Mathiesen说:“这让人松了一口气,因为我们只能在2017年秋天开始制造这些标识,协调是一件大事,但一切都很顺利。这些标识的安装工作始于关键时刻,当时与 Ivanhoé和Ledcor的通讯很紧密。从这个意义上说,我认为项目的后半部分比起初更顺利。”

Inside and out

For the exterior of the venue, PM Signs created six light-emitting diode (LED) illuminated pylons, six 3-m (10-ft) tall illuminated exterior entrance signs, 15 aluminum parking plaques, vinyl door and window graphics, 24 ‘no smoking’ plaques and, most notably, a set of 23 1.8-m (6-ft) tall illuminated channel letters to spell out the mall’s name alongside Alberta’s Highway 2, in a visual style reminiscent of the famous Hollywood sign.
在购物中心外,PM公司建立了6个发光二极管(LED)照明塔,6个3米(10英尺)高外入口照明标识,15块铝制停车标识牌,塑料门窗图形,24块“禁止吸烟”牌,最值得注意的是,23个 1.8米(6英尺)高的发光字母展示着购物中心的名字,在阿尔伯塔省2号高速公路沿线熠熠生辉,在视觉风格上让人想起著名的“好莱坞”标识。

The site’s ‘Premium Outlet Collection sign’ spells out the mall’s name alongside Alberta’s Highway 2.
该地的Premium Outlet Collection标识在阿尔伯塔省2号高速公路旁展示着购物中心的名字。

For the interior, the company produced six 1.2-m (4-ft) tall non-illuminated entrance signs, 200 general identification (ID) plaques, two push-through LED cabinets for information desks, nine projecting washroom panels, six illuminated projecting washroom signs, 11 braille washroom plaques and 14 wayfinding directories to be hung from the ceilings in different locations throughout the mall. These 1.2 x 6.7- (4 x 22-ft) tenant directories were specially engineered with loading and anchor points to prevent them from swinging around in the air. There were also many wall-mounted wayfinding signs that, in contrast to the exterior faux-rust effect, had to look clean and crisp from up close.
关于购物中心内部,PM公司生产了6个1.2米(4英尺)高的非照明入口标识,200个一般识别(ID)牌匾,2台LED服务信息触摸屏,9块洗手间指示牌,6个洗手间照明投影标识,11块洗手间盲文指示牌和14个挂在整个商场不同位置的天花板上的导向目录。这些1.2 x 6.7米(4 x 22英尺)长和宽的租户目录牌是经过特殊设计的,带有负载和锚点,以防止它们在空中摆动。也有许多壁挂式的导向标识,与商场外部的仿锈效果相反,必须从近处看起来干净清爽。
“Then, when there was only one month left, the tenants’ own signs came along,” says Mathiesen. “We did a lot of third-party installations for them, as we could serve as their local partner. Installations are half of our business. That said, this took a lot of co-ordination at a time when there were still a many other contractors on-site. The size of this facility kept us so busy, we simply could not take on as many of the third-party sign installations as we wanted.”
A facility-specific sign guide included strict criteria for the heights of the tenants’ signs and how they could be mounted to their raceways. This approach helped ensure consistency throughout the facility.

Given its proximity to the airport, the mall features a flight information display system (FIDS).

An ongoing project

PM Signs also installed many of the tenants’ signs.

PM Signs was kept busy right up until the opening with such last-minute applications as fire extinguisher decals. And some pylons had to be left blank until more tenants were added to the mall after it opened. Indeed, the third-party sign installations will be ongoing, as new tenants come in and others change their branding or leave.
“The developer put a hold on new tenants for just a week or two after opening,” Mathiesen explains. “As occupancy is still growing, we are updating the wayfinding signs accordingly, as well as moving some pieces and fixing scratches. There is a food court in the middle of the mall, for example, where more stalls are being added this summer.”
There is also room to expand the overall size of the mall in the future, if demand grows.
“It’s a great location, with a major airport, lots of manufacturing in the area and close by to Leduc, Alta.,” says Mathiesen. “Just like other cities with outlet malls, this one helps put Edmonton on the map.”
Mathiesen说:“这是一个很棒的地方,有一个主要的机场,在这个地区有很多制造业,并且靠近Alta Leduc。就像其他有奥特莱斯购物中心的城市一样,该购物中心有助于提高埃德蒙顿的名气。”