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The 2018 WSA Coolness Competition concluded this month with the association’s sign company and associate product members voting on the most innovative electrical signs produced during the past 12 months by World Sign Associate’s nearly 200 companies.


Glowing Monoliths Welcome Life Sciences Workers


Clear 标识设计工作室

Clear Sign & Design was honored with Best in Show and best Less Than 100-Square-Feet Freestanding sign for its distinctive signage marking the Axiom Campus, a group of commercial buildings serving San Diego’s thriving life sciences, pharmaceutical, and therapeutic industries.

圣地亚哥的生命科学产业蓬勃发展,这个标识就位于圣地亚哥的一家制药公司,Clear 标识 设计工作室借此荣获最佳展示奖与最佳独立标识。

 Clear Sign & Design designed, manufactured and installed sophisticated exterior way-finding monuments. Two logo monoliths and three multi-tenant signs were cast in-house and mounted on underground concrete footings with electrical conduits and hoisting points.A seamless 3D panel with hidden fasters enclosed a halo of LED lights for a subtle after-hours glow.

这个标识虽然看起来简单,但其内部结构设计非常复杂。Clear 标识设计工作室以混凝土为地基,外部用3D面板内置LED光源,光源透过镂空处发出柔和的暖光。Clear 标识设计工作室为了能满足标识的供电需求在内部设置了排列繁复的电线管道。每当傍晚时分,人们下班之后就能看到立在公司门口的标牌闪耀着微光。


Remaking a Classic 1950s Landmark



 In the Freestanding 100-Square-Feet or Larger category, YESCO won for its Ritz Classic Apartments sign, a rebuild of a towering 90-foot-tall bowling pin that stood on State Street in South Salt Lake since 1958. The well-known landmark now signals the entryway to the new Ritz Classic Apartments.The sign was redesigned using modern technology for a fresh appearance with a vintage feel.Yesco successfully incorporated LED tube lighting on the perimeter of the pin and in the interior channel letters.

在超过100平方英尺的获奖类别中,Yesco因其“里兹经典公寓”(Ritz Classic Apartments)独特的设计获得最佳独立标志的冠军。这是一个自1958年以来一直矗立在南盐湖街上的90英尺高的保龄球瓶,该标识以一种新式外观与复古风格的融合设计。现在是新丽兹经典公寓的入口标识。Yesco成功地将LED光源安装在标识周边和发光字中。


Transforming a Drab Wall into an Illuminated Mural


Plumb Signs.

Plumb Signs took first place in the Wall Sign category for its innovative American Lake Conference Center sign at Joint Base Lewis McChord in Washington state. The sign transformed a nondescript grey concrete exterior into a scenic illuminated mural that showcased the building’s name in a creative way.

Plumb Signs工作室位于华盛顿州路易斯·麦科德联合基地,因其创新的美国湖会议中心标识而获得墙面标识类第一名。这个标识不仅以新颖独特的方式展示出建筑物的名字,还把一座不起眼的灰色混凝土外墙变成了一幅风景靓丽的壁画。

Plumb Signs designers and fabricators collaborated to create multi-dimensional layers punctuated by LED uplighting and carefully chosen paint colors. Too much light would have washed out the letters while too little would make it tough to read from a distance at night.Plumb Signs achieved just the right combination to produce an award-winning result.

Plumb标识工作室的设计师和制造商采用多层次的标识结构,这个多层次的标识由LED光源和颜料作为划分界限。其实这样的组合是非常有难度的,如果光线太强,光源周边的颜色就看不清楚,反之就会影响远处的观赏性。Plumb 标识工作室经过多次试验找到了最适合处理光源与颜色分界的方法,最终获得冠军。


Updating a Theater Entrance with Flair



Mattatall Signs swept the Potpourri category by creating an exciting new entryway for Neptune Theatre’s Fountain Hall in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


An architectural canopy was designed and produced in-house at Mattatall Signs using an aluminum framework, ACM skin and soffits. The front and sides of the canopy support brushed aluminum lettering illuminated by LED modules.A combination of globe marquee-style lighting lines the underside of the canopy giving the entrance a grand, welcoming ambiance.

剧院入口的设计创意满满,Mattatall 标识公司负责设计和生产,采用铝框架和ACM材质作为顶篷的支撑。在入口的建筑顶篷上安装了LED发光字,在发光字的周围加以简约的灯饰线作为陪衬,这个标识的设计效仿全球广场的风格,所以它既有全球广场的宏伟,又不失剧院的温馨氛围。

About World Sign Associates


World Sign Associates (WSA) is the premier trade organization for electrical sign manufacturers and suppliers throughout North America. Members represent some of the industry’s top talent. They craft custom signs as well as signs for regional and national programs, either by working independently or by combining the strengths of nearly 200 sign manufacturers and suppliers throughout North America.


Membership in WSA is an honor for those companies that have shown their dedication to quality craftsmanship, business ethics, and corporate citizenship. Founded in 1947, World Sign Associates offers an executive forum for education, fellowship, support and the exchange of ideas. WSA members adhere to the highest ethical business standards and bring the utmost value to their customers.