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3D printing continues to evolve, and as it does, sign makers are figuring out ways to incorporate the technology into their business. Although the technology is exciting, its not always the most practical for signage applications. However, because of the crossover for architectural production and the graphics industry, there are some unique ways 3D printers can be used to create memorable displays.



One manufacturer that is having an impact on the signage industry is Israel-based company Massivit Printing Technologies, which offers two of the largest 3D printers in the industry, the Massivit 1800 and the Massivit 1500.

一家对标识行业产生影响的制造商是以色列的Massivit Printing Technologies公司,该公司提供业界最大的两款3D打印机,Massivit 1800Massivit 1500 


The founder of Massivit 3D started out in wide-format printing and eventually was involved with a company that operated in the traditional 3D printing space. He wanted to marry the two technologies, and Massivit 3D was born.

Massivit 3D的创始人从宽幅印刷起家,最终参与了一家经营传统3D打印领域的公司。他想把这两种技术结合起来,于是Massivit 3D诞生了。 


The whole idea was that if you look at grand format, the large-format space today, it is very crowded and very commoditized,says Kevin Sykes, president of U.S. operations at Massivit 3D. Companies come up with inventions, they mature and at some point, become commoditized where the margins are slim, and competition is high. That doesnt exist yet in the 3D space, he says.

Massivit 3D美国业务总裁凯文赛克斯(Kevin Sykes)表示“我们的整个想法是,如果你看看现在的宽幅打印机的占用空间,非常拥挤,而且也非常商品化。公司发明出来的东西成熟之后,到了某个时间段,在利润微薄、竞争激烈的处境下就会商品化。不过这在3D打印的市场中还不存在。


Up until Massivit, no one in the visual communication space could print fast enough or large enough to address the needs of the market,Sykes says. The ultimate idea is to bring back the opportunity to differentiate yourself, command higher margins for products you provide and still fit within the needs of the market.




He says that when Massivit 3D shows up at a trade show with its 3D-printed elements, they command four times more stopping power than traditional 2D and five times more staying power, engaging or interacting with whatever that 3D element is.

他说Massivit 3D带着它的3D打印产品出现在贸易展上时,他们的拦截力是传统2D的四倍,保持力是传统2D的五倍。” 


Massivit customers say that they are not only selling 3D prints and 3D models, but their 2D business has grown as a result of having a 3D printer, says Sykes.



The Massivit 3D 1800 has a maximum printing volume of 57x 44x 70.

Massivit 3D 1800最大打印量为57“x 44”x 70’’


For us, most of our work is a good bit smaller than that,says Josh Hope, senior manager, engineering projects, for Suwanee, Georgia-based Mimaki USA. We focus on photorealistic output.

乔治亚州苏瓦尼市Mimaki USA工程项目高级经理乔希霍普(Josh Hope)表示:对我们来说,我们的大部分工作都比这小得多,关于3D打印,我们专注于逼真的输出。


But for other 3D printer manufacturers, the signage market hasnt taken off like they thought it would. Mimaki USA, for instance, thought its full-color 3D printer was going to impact the signage market, but instead it found that signage is a secondary consideration for shops that are using it for completely different purposes than what Mimaki initially envisioned, like product prototyping and visual assessment of design.

但对于其他3D打印机制造商来说,标识市场并没有像他们想象的那样腾飞。例如,Mimaki USA认为它的全彩3D打印机将会影响标识市场,但相反,它发现标识是商店的次要考虑因素,这些商店使用它的目的与Mimaki最初设想的完全不同,比如产品原型和设计的视觉评估。 

We havent seen much adoption of 3D printing in the signage market in the U.S.,says Hope. The Japanese market has been much faster to adopt 3D printing, he adds.



In the U.S. it comes down to the cost of equipment, cost of print and the amount of time it takes to make a print.



A lot of times people are looking at that and other technologies out there, whether it is CNC or styrofoam carving or things like that that might make more sense,he says.



Mimakis full-color commercial 3D printer, the 3DUJ-553, can output more than 10 million colors.



As far as signage goes, Hope says that Mimakis machine works better when it comes to making scale models of a sign before working on the finished product. The companys 3D printer is 20x 20x 12, which means it can be used to make bigger 3D models but they need to be layered together.



For the cost and time to do that, it is probably not, at this point, the most cost-effective way or the most efficient way,he says.



Hope adds that everybody in the signage industry is looking at 3D. They want to see where it is going to go.



Its definitely going to play a part in our future the same way LED signs crept in years ago. I expect 3D will be the same thing. We are very much on the edge of the adoption curve. People are interested and excited about the technology, but where does it make sense to use 3D as opposed to other technologies out there,Hope says.



Jeff Burt, owner of Eclipse Corp. in Gahanna, Ohio, purchased his Massivit 3D printer at the end of January and it was up and running by the end of February. He wanted to make a splash at an upcoming trade show, so he 3D printed 7-foot-tall Rock Em Sock Em Robots to garner the attention of show-goers.

位于俄亥俄州市中心日食集团(Eclipse Corp的老板杰夫伯特(Jeff Burt)1月底购买了他的巨型3D打印机,并在2月底正式投入运行。他想在即将到来的贸易展上引起轰动,所以他3D打印了7英尺高的石头袜子机器人来吸引观众的注意。 


We had five-to-one lead growth from our past experience at the trade show because of the 3D. We walked away with 400 qualified leads,says Burt. We have about 50 normally. We did really well.



Just having the 3D printer has brought in new work. Eclipse Corp. printed out a Throne of Fries for Burger King, modeled after the one in Game of Thrones. If clients want more than one giant 3D model, however, it makes more sense to make one on the 3D printer and then do vacuum forming and cast molding of that model to make the rest.

仅仅有了3D打印机就带来了新的工作。日食集团以《权力的游戏》(Game of Thrones)中的铁王座为原型,为汉堡王(Burger King)打印了一个薯条座。但是,如果客户想要一个以上的巨型3D模型,那么在3D打印机上制作一个模型,然后对该模型进行真空成型和铸造成型,这样做更有意义。 


We create the original, and from that we make lots of them for a cheaper price,Burt says. We do one-offs as well.



The robots took 40 hours to print on the Massivit 3D printer. They were printed in pieces: arms, legs, head and gut. Once they were put together, he had to sand them by hand and apply chemicals to the plastic to smooth it out. Then more sanding, priming and painting.



All of that takes time. It is a process, about 80 hours of work,Burt says. The entire project from start to finish was about 120 hours. It is not a quick process until you get into your molding. That is how we found we can speed things up. The molded copies only took about 15 minutes each using rotational molding in which a hollow mold is filled with material that then sticks to the walls of the mold as it is rotated, creating a quick model of the original subject. Roto molding creates a smoother subject so once the robot is taken out of the mold, it is ready for paint. For the most part, he uses the technology for retail spaces that need large quantities.



The 3D world is pretty new, and it is definitely a game changer. One of the things we discovered in getting a Massivit is it is not just 3D images. We call it printing but it is 3D molding, and building whatever you put in there.



Burt points out that 3D opens up new ways of displaying and showing and doing things in a retail environment.



It has led us into things we didnt think we would be tapping into, and it is great,he says. Like making tables, oversized tools and trade show display items. My original thought was that it would complement what we already do for retail spaces and ignite that experience even more.



The biggest problem Burt encountered with 3D printing is that his customers didnt know what to do with it when they were first shown the technology and their advertising budgets were already set around traditional marketing campaigns.



Once we get ideas in their heads, now it all starts coming in. From March to July, we didnt see a lot of work. Since August, weve been running nonstop with it. We are getting close to having a backlog, which is a good thing,Burt says.



Mimakis 3D printer is a CMYK output device. It also puts out white and clear. It starts off as a liquid resin and then it is UV cured to a solid.



It is very inkjet-based technology,says Hope. Thats where were able to get really photorealistic output from our machine.



Mimakis first customer was actually a signage shop in Las Vegas. The owner was frustrated with having to compete with other sign shops in town. Everyone was competing on price which was driving their margins into the ground, says Hope. They ended up purchasing a 3D printer and are now trying to transition from a 2D print shop to a 3D shop, which offers more potential to be a little more in control of the market,he adds.